Engineering and Manufacturing Support

We offer more than high precision CNC Machining and parts making.

Engineering Solutions

PNM can provide engineering solutions that improve your product and can save you time, resources, and money. Utilizing PNM’s manufacturing supply chain, our engineers have the resources and experience to revitalize existing designs. We understand that sacrificing cost for quality is not an option so finding cost savings while maintaining engineering integrity of the part is critical.

Our engineering expertise is regularly called upon by our clients during the early stages of the product development cycle. PNM can provide product development input, design assistance, engineering support and nearly everything in between.


  • Engineering support for cost reduction and tolerancing
  • CAD/CAM support (Solidworks, Mastercam)
  • Supply chain management
  • Prototyping

Extrusion Cost Reduction Design

PNM can design and procure a custom Aluminum Extrusion specifically developed to reduce your parts cycle time, material waste and cost.

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